The Consulate of Mongolia in the City of Breda;

Represents Mongolia for its nationals in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Functions under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

Represents Mongolia particulary in terms of issuing visas and promoting trade.

Note: Before invoking the Honorary Consulate, please make sure you are aware of the tasks the Honorary Consul can and cannot perform.

What the Consulate cannot do for you

Return home at the expense of the state,unless there is serious situation. Please be aware that even then your costs should be reimbursed.

Pay fines, hotel bills and other bills.

Advance money and other financial resources.

Provide passports or driving licenses.

Handle formalities in the field of civil status such as marriage, divorce, birth, death etc.

Provide assistance with transportation of mortal remains (laissez passer).

Handle formalities in the field of personal and family rights and notary.

Issue of Consular certificates.

Protect the interests of Mongolian nationals who come into contact with the Dutch Law.

Provide assistance in financial difficulties, illness, death and difficulties with local authorities and / or individuals.

Provide Consular assistance in emigration of nationals of the Republic of Mongolia.

What the Consulate can do for you

Mediation at getting tourist and diplomat visas for citizens from the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders).

Provide information to Dutch citizens and companies.

Provide information about legislation.

Promote brokering between Mongolia and the Netherlands.

Promote cultural exchange between Mongolia the Netherlands.

For other services and / or information please contact the Embassy of Mongolia in Brussels.

Embassy of Mongolia

Avenue Besme 18


Tel: +32 2 344 69 74

Fax: +32 2 344 32 15

The Honorary Consul of Mongolia in the Netherlands; Addie Schiphorst Preuper

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