Het Consulaat van Mongolië in Nederland

The Consulate of Mongolia in the City of Breda;

  • Represents Mongolia for its nationals in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Functions under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.
  • Represents Mongolia particulary in terms of issuing visas and promoting trade.

Note: Before invoking the Honorary Consulate, please make sure you are aware of the tasks the Honorary Consul can and cannot perform.

What the Consulate cannot do for you

  • Return home at the expense of the state,unless there is serious situation. Please be aware that even then your costs should be reimbursed.
  • Pay fines, hotel bills and other bills.
  • Advance money and other financial resources.
  • Provide passports or driving licenses.
  • Handle formalities in the field of civil status such as marriage, divorce, birth, death etc.
  • Provide assistance with transportation of mortal remains (laissez passer).
  • Handle formalities in the field of personal and family rights and notary.
  • Issue of Consular certificates.
  • Protect the interests of Mongolian nationals who come into contact with the Dutch Law.
  • Provide assistance in financial difficulties, illness, death and difficulties with local authorities and / or individuals.
  • Provide Consular assistance in emigration of nationals of the Republic of Mongolia.

What the Consulate can do for you

  • Mediation at getting tourist and diplomat visas for citizens from the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders).
  • Provide information to Dutch citizens and companies.
  • Provide information about legislation.
  • Promote brokering between Mongolia and the Netherlands.
  • Promote cultural exchange between Mongolia the Netherlands.

For other services and / or information please contact the Embassy of Mongolia in Brussels.

Embassy of Mongolia

Avenue Besme 18


Tel: +32 2 344 69 74

Fax: +32 2 344 32 15

The Honorary Consul of Mongolia in the Netherlands; Addie Schiphorst Preuper

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Consulaat van Mongolië

Charles Petitweg 35 A10

4827 HJ Breda

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